Loyal to the ideals and traditions within Casa Dionisio andMexico, we present to you our new Project, filled withMAGIC,WISDOM AND MISTICISM.

Although we were already bearers of a great legacy constructed by this great distillate which is POX, today we wanted to continue conveying the greatness not only of this distillate nor of a state, but of a great culture packed with occultism, magic, wisdom and grandeur as is the Tzotzil culture. This brand is100% Mexican which originated from Chiapas and is created with the purpose of bringing forth the knowledge of a small part of the great cultural richness that we encounter within our roots.



Pox is not your run of the mill alcoholic beverage; it is something like the liquid that allows the Tzotzil indigenous people, which are communities that descend from the Mayans, to establish a connection between the physical and the spiritual world. It is a concoction that keeps away demons and cures diseases of the body and soul. Te area of Los Altos de Chiapas is where it is consumed, not only in religious or personal celebrations, but it is also present in healing rituals. 

The bottle reminds us of black corn’s texture from Chiapas’ land.

Distilled from the BAT GOD, macerated with black corn as the the night that is freeing its spirit of wisdom into an earthly world.

Artisanal and organic

net content 700 – 750 ML  SAN JUAN CHAMULA, CHIAPAS MÉXICO

Distilled from the bat god, macerated with black corn as the night that is its spirit of wisdom into an earthly world.