The making of pox


Corn grain from the region; mainly black, white, yellow and red corn, panela, wheat and spring water


They are dried out and the corn grain is cut into pieces to subsequently be mixed with the panela and the wheat, it is left to ferment in spring water in wooden tubs for around 14 to 16 days.


The fermented is poured into a copper still and placed softly over burning firewood in order to obtain three distillation in slow burning fire



The snich is the result of the first moments of the second Pox distillation, it is a beverage with a larger alcoholic percentage with a superior level of purity, placed in high esteem by the population of this region according to the historical fancy just as the tradition and oral knowledge establishes it, because of its unmatched  character, taste ad aroma, prepared for special rituals.


In order to communicate with the gods and to heal the sick, the Mayan shamans consume Pox, because it helps them to enter into a trance to invoke Camazotz, the bat god, keeper of the secrets of the night and darkness, messenger of death. Don Dante is the conjunction of the product that emanates from two different stages of the Pox’s distillation and is created with the master recipe of one of the great poxers of the region. The result is an unctuous beverage with character, ideal for exalting the soul and accompanying the spiritual moments in our lives. This 46º elixir is a sacred element that is occupied in the Totzil and Tzetzal Altos de Chiapas communities in their rituals and ceremonies.


In the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayans, Camazotz was an angel that descended from heaven with the mission of decapitating the first men made of wood and the second creation of the gods Kukulkan and Tepeu, being considered imperfect and lacking a soul.

They are represented as a man with a bat´s head holding a knife which symbolizes sacrifice. 

They are represented as a man with a bat’s head holding a knife which symbolizes sacrifice.According to ancient Mayan and contemporary Tzotzil beliefs, this deity is considered as the lordand owner of life and death mysteries. Besides having enough power to cure diseases, he also hadthe power to cut the thread of life that united the soul to the body. That is why Pox Don Dante’slabel has the representation of this god that unites the spiritual world (Xibalba) to the materialworld, in addition to this design, the bottle reminds us of black corn’s texture from Chiapas’ land.